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A star among us: Urban Tree artist!

Rachel's 'Urban Tree' under construction.

Rachel's 'Urban Tree' under construction.

You might have noticed that we have some very creative and talented employees among us here at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.  But did you know that one of our employees was selected to create an “Urban Tree” that will grace the San Diego’s North Embarcadero later this summer?

Rachel M., who works in the Airport Authority’s Risk Management Department by day, is an extraordinary artist in her spare time.  Known in the art world as Rachel Eva, she works in many mediums, such as oil on canvas, mixed media and portraiture.  She is also a published poet.

So what’s an Urban Tree, you ask?  The Urban Trees Project is sponsored by the Port of San Diego.  30 trees, each created by a different artist, serve as temporary sculptures gracing the San Diego Bay shoreline for one year each.  The trees installed this summer will mark the sixth year of this popular program.

Rachel's 'Urban Tree'-to-be.

Rachel's 'Urban Tree'-to-be.

On an interesting note, after the trees are uninstalled, sometimes they are sold to art collectors or go on to be displayed in other public places such as … San Diego International Airport!  In fact, we have two on display right now from the Port’s collection.  You can see them curbside in front of Terminal 1 West and Terminal 2 East.

Rachel’s tree design was selected from over 100 submissions.  She is currently in the building phase, with the able assistance of her husband Shawn.  I’ve posted some photos of the construction stage of her tree.

maryStay tuned for a future update on Rachel and her creation.  I’ll be sure to post a picture of the finished project, and I’ll let you know where you can see the tree up close for yourself once it’s installed.

In the meantime, be sure to congratulate Rachel when you see her for being among a select few chosen artists!

NOTE:  The orange Urban Tree previously pictured in this post is the  work of another artist, not Rachel.  The picture has been removed to prevent confusion.  Stay tuned for how Rachel’s tree will look!


11 Responses

  1. That’s awesome Rachel! Learned something new about you.

  2. cool!

  3. I am SO proud of you Rachel! Can’t wait to see your art up for everyone else to see. Love, Mom

  4. That’s my girl! I mean daughter…Rachel Eva has always been creative, and she amazes us with determinations that just kind of pop out of her…like I’m going to establish a poetry guild and publish a book of poems. Now the urban tree project. She is a gift that girl.

  5. Very cool! Hope the manzanita hunt was successful!
    love, Aunt Ute

  6. Rachel Eva, you have caused me to need a larger size hat. Waiting to see the tree planted on the Embarcadero. Gramps

  7. Congratulations, Rachel. We are proud of you! And to think, we knew you way back when! Keep it up — can’t wait to see the finished project.

  8. For Rachel and Sean:

    How great you are doing this project! I am totally impressed.
    Cannot wait to see the “Urban Tree” project completed.

    Love, Grandma Buckham

  9. Way to go Rachel. There is a lot of creative genes in this family. You are a beautiful and talented woman.

  10. You rock, Rach!

  11. Wow How fascinating ! You need to come to D-town PA. We have art all over! You make your G-ma proud ! Best of luck. I like your Ma and Pa ,too.

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