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The farthest Ambassablog visitor is …

Where in the world is the farthest Ambassablog visitor?

Where in the world is the farthest Ambassablog visitor?

First of all, I’d like to thank everyone who participated in the Where in the World is the Farthest Visitor? contest.  Several Airport Authority employees and their friends and family members responded with comments to our contest!  It’s totally AWESOME that we Carmen Borderwere able to reach out to so many people in so many places around the world.  We’ve created a special Google map showing all the locations above.  Open the map, click on any of the push-pins, and the name of the location pops up.  The contest was designed to let people near and far know about San Diego International Airport and our award-winning employee blog.

The contest asked employees to contact friends and relatives around the world and have them submit a comment to the blog indicating where they were submitting from and who at the airport they knew.  The winner is the employee who got a shout-out from someone the farthest distance from San Diego International Airport.  Another winner was picked by randomly drawing a name from all employees whose friends/relatives submitted comments to the blog.  To determine the distances between SDIA and the various commenter locations, a free service called Google Maps Distance Calculator was used.

So, here we go.  Below (in ascending order of approximate distance from SDIA) are the respective employees’ names and departments, location their friend/relative submitted from, and approximate distance of that location from San Diego International Airport:

  1. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Cupertino, California – 421 miles
  2. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Fremont, California – 429 miles
  3. Pat J. (Business Planning)Salt Lake City, Utah – 629 miles
  4. Lou A. (Facilities Development) Seattle, Washington – 1,064 miles
  5. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Vinita, Oklahoma – 1,230 miles
  6. Pat W. (Small Business Development)Vinita, Oklahoma – 1,230 miles
  7. Robyn B. (IT)Vinita, Oklahoma – 1,230 miles
  8. Thella B. (Executive Office)Vinita, Oklahoma – 1,230 miles
  9. Pat J. (Business Planning)Coldwater, Michigan – 1,974 miles
  10. Lou A. (Facilities Development)Toronto, Ontario, Canada – 2,169 miles
  11. Lou A. (Facilities Development)Mahwah, New Jersey – 2,393 miles
  12. Lou A. (Facilities Development)Scotch Plains, New Jersey – 2,393 miles
  13. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)West Orange, New Jersey – 2,393 miles
  14. Naty S. (Strategic Planning) Ecuador – 3,388 miles
  15. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)London, England – 5,495 miles (two entries)
  16. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Toride City, Japan – 5,593 miles
  17. Lou A. (Facilities Development)Venlo, Netherlands – 5,614 miles
  18. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Lisbon, Portugal – 5,697 miles
  19. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Rovigo, Italy – 6,391 miles
  20. Naty S (Strategic Planning)Auckland, New Zealand – 6,499 miles
  21. Jim P. (Aviation Security & Public Safety) Auckland, New Zealand – 6,499 miles
  22. Jim P. (Aviation Security & Public Safety) Ankara, Turkey – 6,486 miles
  23. Naty S. (Strategic Planning)Ankara, Turkey – 6,486 miles
  24. Lou A. (Facilities Development)Hong Kong – 7,362 miles
  25. Naty S. (Strategic Planning) Philippines – 7,407 miles (two entries)

Drum roll please … and the Farthest Ambassablog Visitor prize goes to …

26.  Pat J. (Business Planning)Nkokonjeru, Uganda – 9,428 miles! YEAH PAT!!!

Nkokonjeru, Uganda

This is Nkokonjeru, Uganda - 9,428 miles from San Diego International Airport!

And now for the winner of the drawing: 

  • Robyn B ( IT) – Vinita, Oklahoma – 1,230 miles. Woo hoo for Robyn!

jamba cardPat and Robyn each win a $10 Jamba Juice gift card.  Congratulations!  The Ambassablog would like thank all infbeachballAirport Authority employees listed above whose friends/relatives responded to the contest.  To show our appreciation, each of them are getting a cool Airport Authority beach ball!  You can pick up your prizes from Katie J. in Public, Community & Customer Relations.

Here I am (far right) with contest participants (from left) Pat W., Patr J., Lou A., Robyn B. and Naty S.

Here I am (far right) with contest participants (from left) Pat W., Pat J., Lou A., Robyn B. and Naty S.

Several friends and relatives of the Ambassabloggers also responded to the contest, even though Ambassabloggers were not eligible for prizes.  Here is a list of all the places around the world where those comments came from:

  • Peoria, Arizona
  • Irvine, California
  • Orange County, California
  • Palm Springs, California
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Lenexa, Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • New Orleans, Louisiana
  • Pittsfield, Massachusettsdennise
  • Minnesota
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • Albany, New York
  • Albany, Oregon
  • Rhode Island
  • Memphis, Tennessee
  • Nashville, Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • Kirkland, Washington
  • Brisbane, Australia
  • Shanghai, China
  • Oxford, United Kingdom

Let’s hear it for all the employees who helped expand the global reach of the airport … and the Ambassablog!


3 Responses

  1. Ambassablog Team – Thank you for the picture of where my daughter is today. Usually it is much more jungle. Since I miss her very much and she won’t be home til March from the Peace Corps, it was like having her here for a minute. It really made my day. Keep up the great job of letting people know about our excellent airport. SDCRAA!!!!

  2. OMG, I almost had it. I gave up nagging my friends and families when I saw Pat J’s entry from Uganda. Congrats to Pat J!

    Now, I reminded all of them who visited the Ambassablog that they should continue to visit once in awhile to check out what great things are happening here in our small corner of the world.

    Thank you to all my friends and families for participating. I hope that you all had FUN as much as I did! Thank you to Steve S. – the Ambassablogmaster, and all our Ambassabloggers for all the posts and for creating an award winning blog.


  3. Naty, did you know that the circumference of the earth at the equator is 24,901.55 miles? The posts from your friends and family totaled 51,429 miles (that’s enough to make it twice around the earth)! With such a fantastic showing in the contest, I would like to treat you to Jamba Juice: “I’m buying.”

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