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A new Ambassablog contest!

Carmen BorderListen up, SDCRAA employees and current interns:  It’s time for the Where in the World is the Farthest Visitor Contest!  If you were at the SANformation Meeting last Friday, you know how this works!  For those of you who were not, here goes …

  1. E-mail all your friends, family and everyone else you know in other states and countries and have them check out the Ambassablog!
  2. Tell them they can help you win a prize if they visit the Ambassablog by 11:59 p.m. on Monday, July 27.  They then need to do the following:
  • Read this entry and submit a comment to it by clicking the Comment link at the bottom of this entry.
  • In their comment, your friend/s must include your (the Airport Authority employee’s or intern’s) first name only, along with the name of your department , as well as the city/state/country from where they are responding.

The goal is to get at least one visitor from each state — and from as many countries as possible — to show on the Ambassablog’s Geo Visitors map (viewable by clicking on the Geo Visitors box in the upper left column of the blog).  In case you couldn’t tell, the Geo Visitors map is Ambasablogger Dennise’s favorite part of our blog.

There are two $10 Jamba Juice cards that will be awarded to lucky Airport Authority employees, as follows:jamba card

  • The employee who gets his or her name mentioned in the comments section by a friend who is the farthest point from San Diego International Airport — that employee will get a Jamba Juice card.
  • All other employee names submitted by friends will be put into a hat — and 0ne of those names will be drawn randomly to receive a Jamba Juice card.

(Contest prize eligibility is only open to SDCRAA employees and current interns, excluding members of the Ambassablog team.)

We’ll announce the winners here by the end of the July.  (If your friends want to include in their comments what they like the most about our blog and any ideas for future posts, that would be really cool.)

Most importantly, have fun!  And thanks for participating in the Ambassablog’s Where in the World is the Farthest Visitor Contest.


46 Responses

  1. Sheree from Minnesota thinks Sjohnna’s Quieter Home Program is bomb.

  2. This is Blogger Ryan in Airport Planning writing to you from Memphis, TN… I am here with Keith, Richard and Eric discussing some future air cargo planning! Mark Tennesse off the list!

  3. I know Blogger Ryan in Airport Planning and I’m accessing the site from Irvine, CA.

  4. Hi, I know Ryan in Airport Planning and I am a former resident of Imperial County (the ideal site for a regional airport with high speed rail) and a former resident of San Diego. I am living and working in the Coachella Valley (Palm Springs).

    Daniel Arvizo
    Senior Planner
    Indio, CA

  5. I know blogger Ryan in Airport Planning and am writing from Kirkland, Wa.

  6. Shout out to Blogger Ryan from VA!!!!!

  7. Ryan — when you are going to build that new airport you keep talking about?

    -Nicole (Orange County, CA)

  8. Blogger Ryan(Airport Planning)- I’m accessing the site from Chicago, IL

  9. Writing from Albany, Oregon. Blogger Ryan in airport planning has family in Oregon and SW Washington! Great blog, enjoy reading anything related to the airport and travel!
    Ryan, I hope you win the contest!


  10. Great site !!!
    Thanks to Blogger Ryan from Airport Planning for letting me know.
    Deannah from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

  11. Somehow I keep ending up in places even hotter than San Diego! I’ll tell you what – the Sandia Peak Tram could sure use some of Sjohnna’s Quieter Home Program windows!! For that matter, so could the High Finance Restaurant and Tavern – 2 miles closer to the planes = noisy!

    Sweating buckets in Albuquerque, NM 87122!


  12. While Ambassablogger Dennise is my mom, I know Naty S is strat planning, Pat W in small business, and Robin in IT. And my son had the privilege of meeting Thella on one our visits from Oklahoma.

  13. From Fremont, CA…Doing this for Naty Santos. Well done! Enjoyed reading them. Good Luck Nats!
    Hope to see you soon!

    Ate T

  14. Hello from sunny Shanghai, China! Sjohnna, I think you need to make a trip out to the other side of the Pacific, and see what’s going on over here. Airport is becoming a bigger issue here in this country, and in local news, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport is about to open a new terminal and multimodal transportation center. Besides that, it would be great to show you the sites of modern China. Best wishes, Peter

  15. Blogger Ryan(Airport Planning) – you are a handsdown winner from the flyers in Kentucky

  16. from nashville TN. Go music city

  17. Blogger Ryan, airport planning, Oxford UK

  18. Hi from Coldwater Michigan!

    To Patricia at Business Planning

    Hope everything is going great in sunny San Diego (:

  19. Hello from Rhode Island, Sjohnna! Tis Matt. We could use the quieter home program out here!

  20. This is blogger Dennise…It’s great to see everyone that is commenting and participating in our contest! Keep up the good work and hope you all are having fun with this!

  21. Hello from Toride City, Ibaraki Prefecture, JAPAN!

    Sending shout outs to Naty Santos from Planning and Ops. Missing SD weather like crazy. Hope to visit some time soon. Sweating like no other out here.


  22. Hi everyone!!
    Thanks to Naty Santos, which allowed me to discover this site!
    Greetings from Eleonora – Rovigo, ITALY

  23. Hello from Mahwah, NJ! Finally hot here in Jersey enjoying the summertime. San Diego is one of my favorite cities in California. Great contest you have here! Keep up the good work!!


  24. This is Cherie from Seattle, WA. Thanks to Lou from Facilities Development Department who told me about this cool site! You guys rock!!!

  25. LOU, Facilities Development Department, asked me to join this site, good luck with the contest! My name is Joyce from Venlo in the Netherlands!!!

  26. Hello Naty Santos fr Planning and Op. Missing beautiful S.D.Have a great summer everyone.
    Greetings coming fr West Orange, NJ

  27. Hi
    Thanks Naty from planning and ops for letting me know about this site.
    Cat, London, England

  28. Hello from Cupertino, CA!

    Shout out to my very cool aunt, Naty Santos from Planning and Ops. Hope to see you soon. 🙂

  29. Hey!
    I found this site thanks to Naty from Planning and Ops and am writing this from London UK!

    Thank you….. Catriona

  30. Elmer Palermo….Hung Hom, Kowloon, Hong Kong

    LOU, Facilities Development Department

  31. Lou, Facilities Development Dept introduced me to this site.
    Very cool. will definitely check it out more often. From Evelyn
    of Toronto, Ontario of Canada.

  32. Hello from Lisbon, Portugal. Looks like Naty might have this one in the bag! She has friends everywhere. Almost didn’t get her email, good thing I checked my spam mail. I guess I’m suppose to say what dept. Naty works for but last time I checked she worked with Angela and that was a while ago.

    Nice contest, Dennise. I see you’re still busy as usual.

    Maria Santos
    (Former TEO or as you call them now ATO’s)

  33. Patricia in Business Planning – two thumbs up and then some 🙂

  34. We have one day left! We’ve done pretty good on getting our push pins in the states…we still have some work to do…keep up the good work!
    blogger dennise

  35. Hey Maria! It’s always nice to hear from former Airport family! Naty & Lou are neck & neck! We’ll know by the end of today who our winner is for reaching out the farthest from SDIA! Thanks to all who played our game! By the way…I’m ALWAYS busy! 🙂

    blogger dennise

  36. Hey Dennise,
    Would it help Naty if I tell you that in 4 weeks we’re moving to Barcelona, Spain??? Well I’ll be checking to see if my buddy wins. Save your money so you guys can come visit and take a break from your busy life.

    Miss ya guys,

  37. Hey Naty (Planning and Operations) and Jimmy Prentice,
    Greetings from Auckland, New Zealand!

  38. Hi, Thanks to Naty from planning and ops for letting me know about this site , cheers , Bunny from HongKong !

  39. Greetings to Naty (Planning and operations) and James Prentice.

    Gustavo from Ankara, Turkey

  40. Hello to Mary in Administration from Lenexa, Kansas (USA)! 🙂

  41. Hello there, SDCRAA friends, from Albany, NY! Thanks to Ambassablogger Mary (in Administration) for the link. The blog is looking great!

    Wish I was there!

  42. Hey SDCRAA! I miss San Diego! Hello to Mary in Administration. I’m reading your awesome blogs from New Orleans, LA!

  43. Hi, I love San Diego…wish I was there….this is really neat…..and I’m doing this for Mary in administration.

    From Peoria, AZ

  44. Hello in San Diego! Reading the blogs here in Pittsfield, MA. All the bloggers are great but Mary in Administration is my favorite Ambassablogger!

    And she picks out great birthday presents too!

  45. Hi! This is Michelle Johnson in Nkokonjeru (lit: White Chicken) , Uganda. To Patricia Johnson – Business Planning The blog looks fantastic, and they skyline is beautiful!

  46. Ambassablog Team – Thank you for the picture of where my daughter is today usually it is much more jungle. Since I miss her very much and she won’t be home till March, from the Peace Core, it was like having her here for a minute. – It really made my day. Keep up the great job of letting people know about our excellent airport. SDCRAA!!!!

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