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Children are the future (part 2of 2)

Well, I know how much fun I had when I got to interact with the kids at the Airport Authority’s Take Your Kids to Work Day this year. I shared that experience with all of you on this blog in part one of Children Are the Future!

Now you’ll get to hear what the kids themselves thought of their day here, on their way to becoming “junior” Goodwill Ambassadors for San Diego International Airport. Any of the parents reading this post are invited to submit a comment of your impression and/or those of your kids once they were home and told you about their day. Have fun, and enjoy the post!

  • Colleen: Today’s scavenger hunt was really fun. We ran around all morning, picture-taking and learning cool things about where our parents work and our local airport. It’s amazing the things you get to see around the airport when you don’t actually have to get on a flight. San Diego International Airport is a nice break from school. No, seriously, I’m not even joking. J
  • Courtney: I had a fantabulous time today. Going throughout San Diego’s airport, taking pictures, learning exciting facts and completing a scavenger hunt was a swell time.J Not to forget that it was a whole day away from school.;) I also met some new things: Sallie the Duck and Jorge the Plane.
  • Evan: Today was the Take your Kid to Work Day at the San Diego International Airport, which was fun because us kids did not have to go to school. While participating at this event, the kids separated into groups with separate leaders. We participated in an airport scavenger hunt, looking for answers all throughout the airport. I was the photographer for my group, which was a lot of fun because I learned many new things about the airport that I did not know before.
  • David: Had a great day and it was so much fun. I got to take pictures. I got go up and down the escalator so many times. There was something weird to see: these waved panes of glass on the wall. When I looked more closely, I saw that there were words on them. There where lights that made shadows with the word so you could read the wording. I also got to skip school for a day. I learned a lot about the airport … and a bit about loons. It was so much fun.
  • Matthew: We got separated into four groups. I got separated into a group with my brother, and we didn’t know anyone. But after we started walking around, I started getting along with everyone. I had a great time with my group and learned a lot of stuff. Another thing that I liked about today is that the lunch was cool, because we had booths and other fun stuff we could do. A personal favorite of mine was that I got to miss school for a day! Today was a great day to me, and I had a lot of fun.
  • Nick and Nick: We learned not a lot, but we saw a bunch of art things … It was alright today. Not fun and not boring. But it kept us out of school today, so that was cool. The lunch was better than last year’s, and that was cool too.
  • Arielle: Hi! My name is Arielle, and I had a lot of fun at Take Your Child to Work Day. There is so much history at the airport, and about planes. A scavenger hunt was held and we toured the airport. Kids of many ages where roaming the airport, learning and playing. I hope to come back to the next Take Your Child to Work Day and have another great experience.

  • Jasmin: I love Take Your Child to Work Day! My favorite part was when we made the Web page. The thing I liked about it was when I got to click F5 on the keyboard and make the webpage appear. Another thing I liked about it was when we went scavenger hunting and I got to ask people for the answer. Another part I liked about going on the scavenger hunt was meeting new people and having fun, and my team leader was soooooooo AWESOME!
  • Pedro: I had thee best time at the airport for take your kids to work day. We had food, things to take home, and we were allowed to make a Web site for the airport and travel in the airport. I had the best time here.
  • Josh: Throughout the day we traveled through the three terminals, learning about how they operate. Then, to conclude the day, we were given the opportunity to create a Web page that will be displayed on the airport’s Web site.
  • Shyla and Sydney: Take Your Kid to Work Day was lots of fun. Today I met new people that share the same hobbies as I have. Isn’t that cool!? We got to skip school and tests! Isn’t that cool again!? Anyways, another fun activity was when I went down the slide with my new friends repeatedly. I also had fun playing with the items I got from the activity stands. I enjoyed making the paper hats as well.
  • Jesus and Francisco: Thursday, April 24, 2008 was Take Your Child to Work Day at the San Diego International Airport. One of the many things that we got to do was wander around the airport and photograph fascinating art work that many people bypass without noticing. One of the most memorable things we got to do was help young children build their own bird houses, which they got to take home and keep for memories. After lunch, we were taken to a conference room and taught how to create our own Web pages. Our web pages have now been added to the San Diego International Airport Web site, to show our friends and family the incredible things we experienced at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. During the day we all had a great time and learned many incredible facts about the city we live in and the opportunity it holds for our generation.
  • Sean and Jack: Today at the airport we did a scavenger hunt at Take Your Kids to Work Day. It was a fun scavenger hunt, searching for the things we needed a picture of, and to answer the questions on the paper. We thought the best part was the free food and prizes. We had fun walking around the fair and collecting all the prizes, pizza, cookies and salads. Yeah it was yummy!

Again, as I read these comments I am once again assured that, as Goodwill Ambassadors for San Diego International Airport, we definitely met our goal to help educate the most important future resource we have … our children! I hope that everyone gets that goofy smile on their face like I do when I read the above comments from this awesome group of kids!


3 Responses

  1. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect during our scavenger hunt – my group of kids seemed so shy at first. Once we actually got out into the terminals they really got into it, though. In fact, the first thing they did was race up the escalators in search of clues! After my heart slowed back down, we were able to figure out that my team was a perfect group: we had a team leader who was very focused on completing as much of the list as possible; a scribe who made sure everything was documented just so; a photographer who is truly a budding artist with a camera, and an actor/navigator that made sure we were entertained the entire trip. We also were lucky enough to have the videographer tag along most of the way, which allowed us to get some great group photos – my absolute favorite is the five of us “At the Gate.” The kids were fearless about gathering their items, walking right up to ticket agents, airport ambassadors, security personnel, and even passengers, to ask questions about where to find this or that. Once the initial confusion passed, everyone we interacted with seemed to have a big smile, which is a good thing to have in a busy place like this one! That’s probably what I’ll take away most from the experience – the joy that the kids had in, and brought to, this hectic environment that we call our workplace. Just that made the whole thing worthwhile!

  2. Well, I have to say, as a single woman with no children I did have to question my own sanity when I volunteered to lead a group of teenagers around the Airport for a scavenger hunt. But we had so much fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the day. I had a group of four 12-year-olds and one 18-year-old. They were all intelligent, engaging and very respectful. I am highly impressed with the children of our SDCRAA family. So, to all of the parents, I would like to say “thank you” for bringing your child to work so that I could spend the day with them! It was a pleasure.

  3. I had the pleasure of spending time with a wonderful group of potential future Airport Authority employees. We had fun finding the answers to the scavenger hunt questions. It was great to see how creative the kids were with their Web pages. I hope they enjoyed the day and learned a lot. I know I did!

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