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A message to government communicators in Washington, D.C.

Hello delegates to the Social Media for Government Conference in Alexandria, Virginia! Springtime in the Washington, D.C. area must be nice, if this lovely picture posted in an earlier Ambassablog posting about your conference is any indication. But, hey, here in sunny San Diego we’re not complaining either:
We’ve arranged for this special posting just for you, from one of the original employee bloggers at the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority. I’m Mary, an executive assistant in the Administration Division. I’ve been posting on the Ambassablog since its start in January, 2008. It’s great to be able to share a message about our employee blog with government communicators from around the country.

It’s been a really fun experience to be a first-time employee blogger for the Goodwill Ambassablog. First of all, it’s been really great to have an outlet for the enthusiasm I have for working here at San Diego International Airport. I appreciate getting to express the pride I feel, such as when I got to use this blog tell my peers how I thought they came together as an amazing team in the aftermath of the San Diego firestorms last October.

The Goodwill Ambassablog also helps me keep my contacts in the community informed in a really fun and interesting way. Instead of me trying to remember factoids or describe a picture or a recall an exact Website link, all I have to do is direct them to http://www.ambassablog.com/. It’s so easy for our blog’s viewers to have great content available in an interactive way right at their fingertips.

A special moment for me happened recently when my relatives came over on Easter. As each one entered my home, they gave me kudos and comments about how much they’re enjoying reading our employee blog. And it’s not just my postings they’re interested in, but the whole site, with its attention-grabbing visuals and varied content.

I would definitely recommend employee blogging to other companies, both for its internal community-building benefits and for what it does for external audiences, as well. If some of you already have employee blogs at your organizations — or when you decide to get one started — we’d love to see it! You can place a link to it by adding a comment to this posting. We might even feature it in our Brother Blogs section.

I feel like our employee blog is still young, but we’ve seen so many great things come out of it already. And I think it has the potential to keep growing into much, much more! Have a great time at your conference!


6 Responses

  1. Good job on a great presentation. Thanks.

  2. Thanks for posting this during the Social Media for Government conference. Just leaving you a comment to let you know that it worked! 🙂

  3. Hi Mary, I wanted to let you know how the presentation on the Goodwill Ambassablog went at the Social Media for Government Conference in Washington, D.C. yesterday. The room was packed with top government communicators from numerous federal, state and local public agencies. I’ll list some of them in a future post. Everyone is here to learn about cutting-edge social media tools being used to better connect public agencies to their employees and publics. We’ve heard about podcasting, video podcasting, blogging, RSS feeds, Second Life, Twitter, social networks, digital natives, digital immigrants and a lot more. Anyway, the group was exteremely interested to hear about the Goodwill Ambassablog. They were impressed with its features and content and that we produce it at virtually no cost. Mary, at the end of the presentation, I went into Blogger and put your message up on the blog, as the group watched it go live. They thought that was so cool, and they really enjoyed your message!

  4. Mary & Ambassablogmaster,

    This is sooo cool! Nice post on how this is connecting our team here at SDIA!

    AMB – I am hopeful that you will be able to show our Careers In Aviation group how this works as well for our “Take Your Child To Work Day” next week!

    Again, very nice post!

  5. Thank you to Steve and the Social Media for Government conference attendees for another interesting and rewarding Ambassablog experience. Isn’t it amazing to see how many ways we can all connect, despite the distance between us? Keep reading and clicking!

  6. Wow! National recognition!
    Good work, Mary – and all the Ambassabloggers!


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