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A conversation about Airport Land Use Planning – Part 2 of 2

OK, here is this second part of my interview about airport land use compatibility planning with Sandi and Ed (pictured above, with me on the right, in front of our offices at San Diego International Airport’s Terminal 2). You can read the first part of my interview with these two just below this post.

RYAN: What does it mean to the general public after an Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan for a particular airport is adopted?

  • SANDI: The plan will help protect people from dangers that could arise from, for example, constructing housing in unsafe areas near airports.

RYAN: If I wanted to build a 24-hour buffet restaurant near the Jacumba airstrip, what process would I go through?

  • SANDI: You? It would go bankrupt — I’ve seen how much you eat! (chuckle)
  • ED: I wouldn’t do 24 hours — there wouldn’t be enough demand in Jacumba.
  • SANDI: The property owner would submit an application to the County …
  • ED: … and the County would send it over to us at the Airport Authority. (Note: Ed used to be a planner for the County.)
  • SANDI: We’d see if the project was compatible with the adopted ALUCP and make a recommendation to the Airport Land Use Commission (the same group that is the Airport Authority Board).

(Note: Here’s a picture of Sandi and Ed enjoying a meal at Ryan’s 24-Hour Buffet restaurant in Jacumba. Just kidding — consider it a belated April Fool’s joke.)

R: We all read a lot about the Sunroad building near Montgomery Field. Can you summarize the real issue there?

  • ED: What building are you talking about? (chuckle) Seriously, I remember going by that building each day as it was going up, back when I worked for the County, and thinking, “Wow, that is tall!” Now I use it to explain to everyone what my job is with the Authority: “I help prevent future Sunroad building conflicts — hopefully!”
  • SANDI: The bottom line is that the FAA was concerned about the height of the building and its impact on airport operations and public safety.

RYAN: How does the work you do interact with our Airport Noise Mitigation Department or our Quieter Home Program?

  • SANDI: Sjohnna at the Quieter Home Program and Garret in Airport Noise Mitigation are nice. We like looking at Garret’s vacation photos …
  • ED: Yeah, Garret sent me a cool photo like this of the Hawaiian Airlines plane with the “Raiders” logo on it when it landed at SDIA. Raider Nation, baby! (pumps fist):

(Note: Sandi is a Denver Broncos fan.)

  • SANDI: While we all deal with the community in different ways, it all comes back to doing what is best for the residents of San Diego County.
  • ED: There you go again with the politician response!

RYAN: How does the work the ALUC staff does impact the long-term plans and goals of the Authority?

  • SANDI: Through two goals — protecting airport operations at San Diego International Airport and promoting air transportation at every airport in the county.

RYAN: What are two key thoughts you want to leave our Goodwill Ambassadors?

  • ED: That we are located in Terminal 2, in the old British Airways lounge … and we have the best bathrooms!
  • SANDI: Don’t say that, Landside Operations will get mad. 90% of the Authority works on what happens inside this airport; we are responsible for what happens outside the airport.
  • ED: Yes, we really are the “Land Use Police” for every airport in the county.

RYAN: That wraps up my interview. And here you thought Sandi’s only job was raising money for United Way. Kidding. I hope this sparks interest in the ALUC staff and what they do. Do you have any more questions for them?


One Response

  1. It is amazing how important airport planning is to the airport, its future, its customers, and the surrounding community. I am not personally familiar with the Sunroad building, but a eleven story building outside of any airport is a safety concern

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