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    Welcome to the Ambassablog! We're the front-line employee bloggers of the San Diego County Regional Airport Authority and participants in the Airport Authority's Goodwill Ambassador Program.

    Here you'll find our continually updated posts about life at historic San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field).

    Take a look around, and Email us if there's something you'd like to see added to the Ambassablog or covered in future posts.
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Hablamos español ahora

NOTE: Today’s Goodwill Ambassablog posting is the first-ever in two languages … and the first joint posting by all three Goodwill Ambassabloggers. They teamed up to submit a special posting in Spanish, showing off the language skills they are learning in a Spanish class offered by the Airport Authority to its employees. Below is their posting, first in Spanish, followed by its English translation.

In Spanish:

¿Puedes leer este blog?

Nosotros (los Ambassabloggers Dennise, Mary y Ryan (aka ‘Pedro’) estamos tomamos una clase de español que está ofriendo la Autoridad. Creemos que es una buena idea escribir un blog en español. ¡Qué divertido!

Nuestra profesora se llama Nora. Ella es muy inteligente, amable y divertida. (Mira la photo aquí.)

El español es muy importante en San Diego y en nuestro aeropuerto. Hay muchas personas que hablan español en el aeropuerto todos los dias. Escuchamos español en las terminales frecuentemente. A veces los pasajeros quieren direcciones; a veces ellos quieren algo de comer y beber. Ahora nosotros podemos ayudarles más.

¿Recuerdas el blog del Ambassablogger ‘Pedro’ con las fotos del Aeropuerto Internacional de Tijuana? Es claro que el español es muy importante para la Autoridad.

¡Adios por ahora, y hasta la vista, amigos!

English translation:

Can you read this blog?

We (the Ambassabloggers Dennise, Mary and Ryan (aka ‘Pedro’) are taking a Spanish class offered by the Authority now. We think it’s a good idea to write a blog posting in Spanish. How fun!

Our professor is named Nora. She is very intelligent, friendly and fun. Look at the photo here.

Spanish is very important in San Diego and in our airport. There are many people who speak Spanish in the airport every day. We hear Spanish in the terminals frequently. Sometimes the passengers want directions; sometimes they want something to eat and drink. Now we can help the passengers more.

Remember the blog posting by Ambassablogger ‘Pedro’ with the photos of Tijuana International Airport? It’s clear that Spanish is very important to the Authority.

Farewell for now; we’ll see you around, friends!


One Response

  1. Muy bien, Ambassabloggers! Y comprendo un blog en español. Bravo!

    Mucas gracias.

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