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    Here you'll find our continually updated posts about life at historic San Diego International Airport (Lindbergh Field).

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The airport at 85


Today is the 85th anniversary of the opening of San Diego International Airport.

85 years covers a lot of history – from its humble beginnings as the first federally certified airfield, dedicated in honor of famed aviator Charles A. Lindbergh, to the completion of the innovative and modern Green Build expansion project last week.

What a remarkable transformation. Happy 85th Birthday, SAN!


Happy Birthday SDIA!

Undated photo showing San Diego International Airport in America's Finest City.

Today marks the San Diego International Airport’s 83rd anniversary.  In honor of the occasion, here are some interesting facts:

  • The airport was dedicated on August 16, 1928, as Lindbergh Field, to honor famed aviator Charles Lindbergh.
  • Another famous aviator, Amelia Earhart, participated in the grand dedication ceremony.
  • San Diego’s then-mayor declared the Dedication Day a public holiday and urged businesses to close midday to witness the celebration.
  • 222 military planes soared over Lindbergh Field as part of the festivities.

Interested in more SDIA history?  Check out this historic timeline on our web page.

Catch a glimspe

The Green Build is well under way at San Diego International Airport!  I snapped this picture today that shows the construction site – and you can tell that the terminal expansion is certainly coming along. So exciting! Did you know that, in all, 5,000 tons of steel will go up to provide the structural framework for the terminal expansion?

And all the steel used in the construction comes from the United States, in support of the national economy. It starts out in the Midwest and is shaped in Arizona before coming to us in San Diego. It’s great to see The Green Build generating jobs for the regional economy … as well as pumping up an important national industry!

A star among us: The Plant Whisperer

He’s the mastermind behind the beautiful plants and garden creations around so many of our cubicles.

He’s a poet of verse and song.

He’s a musician.  (Check out Little People Revolution!)

He’s the Airport Authority’s  one and only … our very own … Jerry!

Jerry is a member of the Airport Authority’s Facilities Management Department and has worked at San Diego International Airport for more than 30 years. (Wow – that was before Terminal 2 was even open!)

Check out these photos of some of the creative plantscapes designed by Jerry that grace the office spaces of Airport Authority employees. What an artist! And this is just a small sampling of his handiwork.

Jerry the 'Plant Whisperer' and me!

Bonsai trees, ferns, flowers, shrubs, gardens, vegetables … you name it – Jerry can grow it. He has an exceptionally green thumb. Then he transforms it into portable art. It’s quite amazing!  (Let’s just say, my thumb is not any shade of green.) I’ve given Jerry the nickname – “The Plant Whisperer.”

Not only full of talent and creativity, Jerry is also a very generous individual. He’s donated his expertise, time and resources to numerous Airport Authority United Way fundraisers over the years.

Here at the Airport Authority, it’s a treat to work with a diverse array of skilled individuals – both professionally and personally. On behalf of anyone who’s received a Jerry creation, listened to his music or eaten one of his homegrown vegetables, I’d like to say “thank you” for sharing your talents with us.

Signing off, I’ll leave you with one of Jerry’s favorite sayings:

“You be cool.”

Making every day Earth Day at SDIA

The Big Belly solar-powered trash compactor ... curbside in front of Terminal One at San Diego International Airport.

It’s April again and you know what that means….Earth Month!  It’s time to celebrate what we do here at the airport to be environmentally friendly – and to give some thought to what else we can do.

And guess what?  For the seventh time in the last eight years, the Airport Authority has been awarded a Recycler of the Year award from the City of San Diego.  Here are some of the things we’re doing that helped us earn the award for the fourth year in a row:

  • In July of 2009, the Airport Authority partnered with HMS Host and the City of San Diego Environmental Services Department in an effort to recycle coffee grounds from airport concessions, including Starbucks and McDonald’s. The coffee grounds are transported to the City of San Diego’s Miramar Greenery.  During the first six months of the program, we recycled over 35,000 pounds of coffee grounds!
  • The Quarterly E-waste Collection Events held by our Environmental Affairs Department have seen lots of success.  During 2009, approximately 15,500 pounds of e-waste was collected!

Sunday, April 18 is when San Diego celebrates the 40th anniversary of Earth Day with Earth Fair in Balboa Park, the largest Earth Day celebration in the nation. Earth Day itself falls on Thursday, April 22.

But it’s the simple gestures, repeated every day by all of us, that make a significant impact collectively.  Together, we contribute to preserving the planet and its riches for future generations!

Many thanks to Mayra in Environmental Affairs for her help with this post and her continued commitment to the environment.


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